New firmware update rolls out for Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter

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The market for Microsoft’s Wireless Adapter may be a bit of an unknown compared to similar solutions such as Google’s Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, or a Roku, but that hasn’t stopped the company from addressing what audience it may have.

A recent firmware update for Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter was released and bumps the version number up to 1.3.8350. While Microsoft is keeping the details about what’s included in the firmware close to the vest, during download and installation users can note a not so insignificant file size of 16.88MB for the release.

With no change log or bullet point feature and fix list, users are left to wonder what precisely the update enables from the previous firmware installation. While Version two of the Wireless Adapter  is on the horizon, promising reduced latency in a more compact footprint, the new firmware may seek to keep the current batch of adapters on par with the new releases.

As Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter was initially designed to help owners cast their screens from device to device using Miracast-enabled Windows devices, a purely anecdotal speculation for the firmware involves prepping the device for Wireless Continuum utilization in the future. Perhaps Microsoft’s vision for Continuum might be best realized as a single home computer with a 40+ inch TV and multiple users logging in with their Windows deviced of choice.

To install the latest firmware update, open the setting menu on the device and choose Firmware to see a history of updates and select version 1.3.8350.

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