New concept video shows a possible Windows Phone future

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Last year, CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella reassured Windows Phone users that mobile was still a priority. However, since then, many have felt the sharp decline of app interest and product development. Even Microsoft Stores have begun to clear up their current stocks and the online store has shifted Windows phones to the background for some browsers.

But to some enthusiasts of the tech giant's mobile contribution, there is still hope. Some can be attributed to the creation of Windows Phone concept videos such as this one posted by Mohsen Seifi, a member of MAH Studio. Priding themselves on UWP development for Windows 10, these programmers wanted to show off their ideal Windows Phone experience.

The beautiful presentation of the potential Windows 10 Mobile displayed a lot of quality features that have fans drooling. These include:

  • Extra large tiles
  • Perspective start
  • Live splash
  • Neon UI
  • Widget tiles
  • Gestures
  • People bar
  • Related pics
  • Cortana everywhere
  • New action center

The perspective start screen reveals the background image depending on what angle the user views it. Along with the exemplary addition of Neon with blurred out images, tiled widgets that smoothly integrate, and transparent action center, the UI can only be described as sexy. But the most noticeable addition is the ability to switch between apps with a three-finger swipe that will remove unnecessary tapping.

Unfortunately, the video is only a concept that does too well at its purpose, leaving fans to shake fists at the sky yelling "Why, Microsoft, why!"


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