New and Improved

Introducing the new Its been a long time coming. This vision began a few years ago when we realized that our backend (VirtuaNews) was due for a replacement. A new website was envisioned and began a long road towards a fresh transformation. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the project had to be placed on hold. After a long time, we are debuting the new and improved website.

The front page is better organized and displays relevant content. The website is faster, more secure, and features better integration between the forums and the frontpage. The website also features a tagging system that allows users to browse through tagged items to find what they want as quickly as possible. Looking for all content tagged as "Windows 7"? Now its even easier than ever! We now have a full featured picture gallery to browse through the latest screenshots. We are introducing a user points system that awards users with points based on their activity on our site. On the admin side, the backend is easier to use and is light years ahead of any CMS software out there today. Minor new features include the ability to make the site wider for large resolutions or narrower for older resolutions.

We hope you enjoy the new website. Please provide feedback so we can improve the website. Enjoy your stay at WinBeta, your original source for betas, news, and reviews.

*IMPORTANT* Due to password incompatibility between the old and new website, users will be required to reset their account. To migrate your current user account to the new website, please read the User Account Migration Guide.

The old website will continue to be available here.

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New and Improved

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