.Net Core has some important upgrades coming over the next few months

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Just last month, Microsoft celebrated bringing the open sourced .Net Core and ASP.Net Core to version 1.0 and with no signs of stopping. According to Info World, Microsoft has plenty more in store for the .Net Core as part of an ongoing roadmap. Version 2.0 is set to bring back many APIs that are currently lacking in .Net Core for networking, serialization, data, and more.

Microsoft's Scott Hunter from the .Net engineering team shared with the site that "these APIs will be part of .Net Standard 2.0, which will be released at the same time, resulting in APIs being consistent across .Net Framework, .Net Core, and Xamarin."

Some of the updates .Net Core will include:

  • Tuples and pattern matching, along with other languages
  • Languages will be improved with throw expressions and binary literals
  • Accommodation of ARM 32/64 processors for both Windows and Linux
  • Tooling from xproj/project.json system to .csproj/MSBuild

Perhaps the most interesting update is the expected update of F#. Microsoft's 'functional first' language will be updated with full support for .Net Core later this year. The update will have a better IDE and take advantage of using tuples. F# already boasts having features like autocomplete, syntax, and document formatting. It's not a surprise to see that they will also be adding support for annotations and 'fixed' keywords.

ASP.Net will have a list of its own improvements including WebSockets capabilities, being optimized for Azure cloud services and performance, and the includes of the bidirectional communication library Signal R.

Many of these changes will be rolling out across Microsoft's Q1 2017 Fiscal Year and are expected to continue until the beginning of the next calendar year. The first of which will be a patch expected to release in early August, according to the article. "It will speed up performance to dotnet build to improve ASP.Net Core publishing times."

Read more about the upcoming updates from Info World.

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