Nadella’s big plans for a new daring, sharing culture at Microsoft

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Satya Nadella

Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent out a 3,000 word memo to employees, sharing what his plans are for the software giant. Before he can kick off with the grand strategy the company plans to follow, he believes the culture within the company has to change as well — basically the way the employees work with each other. 

Nadella mentioned, “We need places where we innovate and we need renewal is in the core. When I think of our challenge today … the core priority is renewal of mainstream work [processes]. Let’s take what we are good at and rethink it. That’s not a side project. That is the very company itself.”

And how does he plans to do that? Well, it seems big changes are on there way to the Redmond-based company, and he wants the all the teams to share their software code with each other. This may turn out to be a big step,. Any employee of the company will be able to see the source code other teams and use it in there projects if necessary. Nadella said it’s like going “open source internally.”

Secondly, he wants employees to “embrace things boldly” and use it to change the way they work. This is a bold move from the newly elected CEO, and something which can turn out to be very helpful for the company’s future. One could say that the company is planning to layoff some of its workforce as reported earlier today — which have arrived right after the CEO spoke about how he plans to change the company internally. Actually, it’s a possibility; the company just undertook a billion dollar merger, and there’s a huge probability of role duplications. The company can’t just have two people handling the same position, so there have to be some sort of layoffs.

Nadella has taken some positive steps to change the way Microsoft operates. He want the company to focus on cloud and mobile, and introduced things which were in development for ages — take Office for iPad as an example. 

It will be interesting to see what changes he makes in the coming days, and how it affects the company overall. So far, I feel the software giant is under the right leadership to help them increase their dominance in the market. The company still has a long way to go, and Nadella acknowledged this fact at the Fortune Brainstorm conference, “We have a lot of work to do. We have 90% of PC [market] share and 14% of total device share. We get that.”

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