MWC 2015: Acer to release new devices running Windows Phone

Windows Phone

The world of smartphones and other such devices is notoriously competitive. While some, such as Apple, achieve massive success and profits with a single device, others have stumbled and fallen in their path.

Acer is one such example. Though a prominent manufacturer of desirable technology, its efforts in the smartphone world have failed to catch public attention, both at home and abroad. Keen to succeed, and learning from its mistakes, Acer decided earlier in 2014 that it would attempt to head in a slightly different direction and hedge its bets with Windows Phone (having dipped its toes several years earlier).


According to a new report, the first fruits of this effort are to be seen at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona in March. The devices will pair with Acer's own Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) platform. Those expecting sexy high-end specs however will be disappointed, as it seems that the Taiwanese firm intends to focus solely on the budget end of the market, the traditional Windows Phone stomping ground.

Following the news that a 'major smartphone vendor' made an offer for Acer's smartphone business earlier in 2014, this may be something of a last ditch attempt on the part of the company to truly make some headway in this space.

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