"Munchkin" W10M Continuum dock to come with 3x USB, HDMI, DisplayPort

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One of the differentiating features of the soon to be released Windows 10 Mobile operating system is Continuum, which can turn your phone into a portable computer by projecting the OS onto a monitor, and allowing the use of a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (Check out our closer look at Continuum).  An accessory to make Continuum work even easier is coming too, with a code name of "Munchkin".
The Munchkin device connects to your phone, can be separately powered (allowing you to charge your phone while using it), and provides a number of peripheral ports to plug in to various devices, or to plug devices into your phone.
A new report from Brad Sams at Thurrott.com, has some more details on what's on board the device.  According to Sams, the Munchkin will carry 3x USB ports, one for HDMI, and one for a DisplayPort connection. The accessory won't be necessary to use Continuum, but will make it easier to quickly plug your phone into a dock, making use of a display monitor and other peripherals like printers, etc.
No official word yet on anything about Munchkin or the other upcoming accessories coming for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, but we're hoping to hear all about them at Microsoft's mythical October event.

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