Four new mystery accessories coming to Windows Phone

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Microsoft is no stranger to releasing accessories for its Lumia line of smartphones. In recent months, they have delivered portable battery chargers and miracasting devices. Spotted over at Microsoft Insider, it seems Microsoft is about to release four new accessories for its Lumia family of phones which will support new and current phones.

Their code names are Valora, Munchin, Murano and Ivanna/Livana. The new accessories are designed to sit alongside devices that are currently available on the market today.


The accessory with the codename, Valora, recently made its way through the Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FCC). It provides similar functionality to the Nokia Treasure Tag and will also include a feature called "Motion Guard" which suggests it has a dedicated sensor to monitor movement of the object it is attached to.

Information about these new devices is extremely limited. The accessory codenamed, Ivanna/Livana, is apparently a portable speaker with wireless connectivity options. Details on Murano and Munchkin are unknown. However, they may need a device with Windows 10 to activate their full potential.

Codename valora

These devices are expected to come to market in the coming months. Check back soon for more details on these brand new accessories and let us know in the comments which one you're most excited for.

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