Motorola to Microsoft: Our Focus is on Android

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Aug 10th, 2011 in News

Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha stated today that even though the company is focused on Google’s Android smartphone platform, he is still open to working with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform later down the line if the right conditions were met.

“I think we’re completely open to the notion of Windows as a platform. Clearly, all of our focus today is on Android,” Jha stated. Apparently, Motorola is interested in forming a partnership with Microsoft if an appropriate deal was made similar to the one Microsoft made with Nokia not that long ago.

Of course, Motorola will be “evaluating” the Windows Phone platform over time to see if it will be worth it, so it behooves Microsoft to continue its hard effort on improving the ill-fated platform. According to Jha, aside from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, he is unsure if there is any other mobile operating system out there that will be a viable competitor to Apple and Google.

Jha also stated that Motorola will differentiate between its devices in the second half of this year by having enhanced enterprise and multimedia capabilities on its phones as well as wider distribution. Motorola is expected to launch the Droid Bionic for Verizon soon and is expected to expand its services aggressively into Europe.

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