More Surface Phone specs rumors emerge, will a late 2017 launch be tied to Redstone 3?

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Another set of Surface Phone rumors has emerged, detailing possible phone specs, and suggesting a late 2017 launch that ties into Windows 10 Redstone 3. According to NokiaPowerUser, they think there is more truth to this particular Surface Phone rumor as it comes from one of their “trusted sources with good accuracy.” Still, OnMSFT is treating this as just a rumor for now.

Here’s a look at the rumored Surface Phone technical specs via NokiaPowerUser:

  • The protos that we have information about run Snapdragon 835 and support Quick charging 4.0
  • Windows 10 Mobile architecture on them is already 64-Bit and one of them has 6 GB RAM
  • What is most interesting is the information that the one proto with 6 GB RAM can already run X86 apps in Continuum. We have heard a lot about Microsoft working on X86-on-ARM64 emulation and this may be one of the implementations. Sources however tell us that Protos can’t run X86 apps by themselves yet, but can install them. Once connected via Continuum you can run any X86 apps.
  • The earlier reported Laptop Accessory is still a thing and we hear Microsoft is seriously purusing the 3-in-1 form factor.
  • One of the Protos is said to have 4 GB RAM and still runs Snapdragon 835. It does have 64-Bit Windows 10 Mobile version but can’t run X86 apps in Continuum. That may be just a version thing or Microsoft may be planing one consumer and one enterprise-oriented Surface Phone variant.
  • Display-size wise we hear both are said to have a 5.5-inch, QHD display, but this is just a guess having a look at the display and not actual measurement.

There has been speculation that Microsoft could bring x86 emulation to Windows 10 ARM64 devices with Redstone 3 next fall. Whether or not the Surface Phone will ever become more than a rumor, remains to be seen. Besides, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s recent comments, Microsoft has yet to confirm if the Surface Phone rumors are anything more just rumors.

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