Mojang mixes up something scary with a Halloween mash-up for Minecraft Xbox Edition

For fans of Minecraft who love Halloween (or a Halloween fan who plays Minecraft), then Mojang has something for them. The same goes for Star Wars and Halo 5 fans, according to Major Nelson, so get ready to pull out your credit card and get swiping.
First on tap is some creepy new Halloween material:

Clocking in at $3.99, the Halloween Mash-up Pack can be nabbed for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.
Halloween's not the only exciting event upcoming, of course. Very soon, on October 27 to be precise, we'll have Halo 5 to contend with. And then in December is the event sci-fi fans have been waiting for all year, the premiere of the first Start Wars movie in quite some time.
You can get a little Star Wars into your Xbox Minecraft with the Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack for Xbox One and Xbox 360, at $2.99. Yes, it's the prequels, but until the new Star Wars flicks is in theatres there's likely to be little that Mojang can do with our favorite new (and old) Star Wars characters.
Finally, there's the Halo mash-up for Xbox One and Xbox 360, also running a cool $3.99. Again, this one's also been around for awhile, but an update due today should add in some Halo 5 skins to get you ready for the title's official release.
So, there you have it, some timely Minecraft goodness for Xbox users. Head on over to the Xbox Store and get spending!

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