Minecraft becomes one of the most successful Xbox 360 games ever

Minecraft becomes one of the most successful Xbox 360 games ever

The critically acclaimed 'Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition' has crossed the twelve million sold mark, making it one of the most successful Xbox 360 games ever. A new 'Candy Texture Pack' is set to roll out on April 18th for diehard Minecraft fans on the Xbox 360.

Mojang's Daniel Kaplan discussed the game in a Q&A with Microsoft, stating that he never dreamed the game would surpass 12 million sold. "It is pretty amazing! I remember when we started talking about sales numbers that we would be super happy to sell 1 million copies. That would have put us on par with BF1943 and Castle Crashers, which both are awesome games, so that was something to aim for. We never even dreamed of selling 12 million!" Kaplan states.

When asked what the most requested feature addition for "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition" was, Kaplan revealed it was likely 'bigger worlds.' "We're pushing the limitations of the 360 in various different ways and we will continue doing that. However, bigger worlds would require the guarantee of a hard drive on each 360; since not all 360's ship with hard drives that makes things tricky. Luckily, on Xbox One, that's not an issue," he adds.

You can read the full interview at the VIA link below.

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