MineCon details have been announced, July 4-5 in London

MineCon details have been announced, July 4-5 in London

Roughly every year Mojang (now owned by Microsoft) holds a conference where Minecraft fans can get together to participate in panels and connect with each other in an event called MineCon. This year the convention will take place in London on July 4-5. The previous MineCons have been very popular selling thousands of tickets in seconds. If you are interested in attending, you will have to be a skilled online ticket purchaser. This year will be the biggest MineCon so far with 10,000 total tickets to be made available.

Tickets sale dates will be announced in the next two weeks in two batches of 5000. In addition to ticket sales, Mojang will provide details concerning discount hotel rates. Users can submit ideas for panel discussions, and companies have the chance to apply to have a booth as well. Previous MineCons have been the setting of major announcements so maybe this year will continue this trend. Big Minecraft news has been somewhat scarce lately. Hopefully Mojang will announce their upcoming plans and their plan with how to use their Bukkit acquisition. 

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