@MicrosoftStore answers why you should get a Surface instead of a Mac and more

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@microsoftstore answers why you should get a surface instead of a mac, and more

Microsoft has continued its push to get Windows Phone and the Surface Pro 3 on people's minds. One of the campaigns involves a twitter hashtag: #AskAnswerDesk. You can tweet @MicrosoftStore with this hashtag and ask any questions you have concerning switching to Microsoft's platforms, as well as almost any computer or phone related question.

Microsoft then chooses some to answer in a video, for example here is the answer to '@MicrosoftStore my daughter wants a Mac but we want her to get a Surface. What are your selling points?'

There are some that will resonate with consumers more than others. For example, if you wanted your daughter to get a Surface, wouldn't you already have reasons? And hence, have no reason to ask? They do, however, do a great job of explaining the unique advantages of the Surface.

Besides highlighting reasons to get a Surface or Windows Phone, they also answer questions such as how to keep your computer safe or how to remove un-wanted programs.

You can view all the videos on the Microsoft Store YouTube channel (here), and follow their twitter profile here for more information. 

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