Microsoft's Xbox Live service turns 15, gamers show off their badges

Microsoft's Xbox Live network turned 15 years old this week and, while there doesn't seem to be any formal celebrations planned for this milestone, Microsoft's Larry Hyrb and a host of longtime Xbox gamers have taken to Twitter to share their enthusiasm for Xbox gaming and show off their Xbox Live profile badges which display the number of years they've been an Xbox Live Gold paid subscriber.

Some Xbox gamers even shared photos of the original console's Xbox Live disk.

Xbox Live is what allows for online multiplayer with Xbox console and Windows 10 games, unlocking of Xbox Achievements, cloud saves, and a host of other popular features like friend lists. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners need to pay for the premium Xbox Live Gold subscription to use Xbox Live to play online but that membership also gives them monthly discounts on games and around four free titles to keep as long as they stay a Gold member.

How many years have you been an Xbox Live Gold subscriber? Let us know in the comments below.

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