Microsoft’s USB-C dongle for Surface devices to be released later this year

Laurent Giret

Following the release of the Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro last year, Microsoft said that it would release a Surface USB-C dongle before the end of 2017. That ultimately didn’t happen, but a Microsoft spokesperson recently told The Verge that the dongle is “on the roadmap for later this year,” without giving a clear ETA.

Microsoft has been quite reluctant to adopt USB-C, and the Surface Book 2 was the first Surface device to feature the new connector last Fall. Microsoft’s USB-C dongle will slot into the company’s proprietary Surface connector, and allow Surface Pro and Surface Laptop owners to connect to USB-C accessories and chargers.

Earlier today, Microsoft watcher WalkingCat leaked a picture of the USB-C dongle. While the USB-C part appears to be pretty large, you can clearly see Microsoft’s Surface connector on the other end:

It remains to be seen when Microsoft will bring USB-C ports to the whole family of Surface devices, but the upcoming dongle should fill that gap for the time being. Do you plan to buy one of these adapters later this year? Let us know below.