Microsoft’s Switch to Windows Phone apps now available for Android, helps you jump ship

Microsoft's Switch to Windows Phone

Just recently, we reported on a duo of apps that Microsoft was working on called Switch to Windows Phone. The apps are designed to help Android users jump ship to Windows Phone, by providing a means to find similar apps.

Microsoft made these two apps available today, after announcing a delay on the 25th. The first app, for Android, scans your device to see what apps you have and stores that information in the cloud. Once you install the second app, on your new Windows Phone, you can retrieve that list and install the apps that were found to be similar to what you had before on Android.

All you have to do is log into the Windows Phone app with the Microsoft Account you created or used via the Android app and you will be taken to the app install page where you can easily install all the similar apps you had.

So far, the Android app has received a few negative ratings, mostly due to negative nancys who despise seeing an app trying to convince users to jump ship. But, we expect some of these comments to get pruned out due to bad publicity. Nonetheless, hit the download links below to snag the apps if you are an Android user looking to make the jump to Windows Phone.

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