Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard updates on iOS with new optional number row

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard on iOS
Email Twitter: @shuttlecock May 1st, 2019 inNews

The Microsoft-owned SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS devices just updated to Version 2.5.0 today. This latest update fixes a minor bug that was causing conflict with the keyboard’s light theme but the real news is the addition of a numbers row which means that users will no longer have to switch to the secondary keyboard screen every time they want to type a number.

The number row is turned off by default but can be easily switched on by opening up the SwiftKey Keyboard app and enabling it in the settings section.

Here’s the full release notes for this update:


  • Say hello to your new number row! This much-requested feature is turned off by default but can be enabled by visiting your SwiftKey Settings menu.


  • We fixed a bug that caused a light version of SwiftKey’s adaptive keyboard theme to show when it should have shown dark.

SwiftKey Keyboard is a rather feature-packed keyboard that not only allows users to swipe their finger across a keyboard to spell words but also boasts integrated gifs and a clipboard.

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