Microsoft's OneClip to bring information from all your devices to one clipboard

New software from Microsoft is apparently on the way, called OneClip. Its main job is to keep all the content you collect across all of your devices in one easy to sort location.
Most of us use many devices, and a large number of consumers use devices across multiple platforms. We take photos, screenshots, copy text, visit websites and more. When we move from device to device, one of the best features is when content follows you; passwords auto saving across your phone and PC, theme colors from your mobile to your tablet, but at times our devices seem separated.
Microsoft’s OneClip keeps all of your contents in a virtual clipboard and works across Windows 10 for desktops and mobile device, iOS, and Android. It’s currently in internal beta available but Neowin got to try out the software.
Once the app starts, it keeps everything you copy to your clipboard which is organized by device, date, app, and more. You can sort your content by its source, time, and other ways that make it easier to find your data.

OneClip screenshots

A feature that Neowin seemed to use the most was screen capturing and that may be one of the more useful applications for this software. They also point out that OneClip automatically doesn’t save passwords from some password managers and other apps can be added by users in settings.
The app isn't officially launched but having a software like this work across multiple devices is a nice way to have your content follow you around. The concept of having data move between devices isn’t new but the layout of OneClip seems easy to use and provides a way to dump all sorts of data from a variety of devices into one easy to sort set of pages.

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