Microsoft's new Surface Pro 7 ad takes a jab at Apple's MacBook Pro -
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Microsoft's new Surface Pro 7 ad takes a jab at Apple's MacBook Pro

It’s been quite some time since Microsoft made fun of Apple products, but the company is back at it with its latest ad for the Surface Pro 7. In the 30 seconds clip published this weekend, a teenager compares Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 to a 13” MacBook Pro, and as you can expect, things don’t go so well for the Apple laptop.

First of all, the teenager criticized the MacBook Touch Bar, which is probably one of Apple’s most controversial innovations in recent years. “Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they just give me a whole touchscreen,” the teenager rightfully asks.

On the design front, the Surface Pro 7’s detachable keyboard also earns the praise of the teenager, who complains that “with the Mac, you’re kind of stuck with what you got.” The next topic of comparison is power, where the Surface Pro 7 apparently still leads. “It has the power to run all your apps, it is a much better gaming device,” the teenager says about the Pro 7.

The final stroke comes with the price comparison, with the Surface Pro 7 beating the $1,299 MacBook Pro by $409 thanks to a limited-time deal on Surface Pro 7 bundles including a Surface Pen and Type Cover. Because yes, the ad didn’t mention that the Surface Pro keyboard and Pen usually needs to be purchased separately, and they’re quite expensive.

It’s still a pretty fun ad overall, highlighting Apple’s reluctance to add touch screens to Macs while doing some experiments like the Touch Bar that didn’t really resonate with Mac users. As of this writing, though, the ad has more dislikes than likes on YouTube, and we don't really know why since Microsoft also turned off the comments.

The Surface Pro 7 is far from being a perfect product, but Microsoft has definitely managed to create a new standard for 2-in-1 PCs with the Surface Pro line. On the other hand, Apple has shipped bigger iPad Pros and improved iPadOS with new multitasking features, and the Mac line is also about to receive its biggest update in years with a transition to Apple's in-house ARM chips.

Apple definitely remains a challenger in the PC market, but Microsoft and other manufacturers should still not underestimate the company's ability to tightly integrate hardware and software to provide better performance and battery life. Apple expects to transition its full Mac line to Apple Silicon over the next two years, and so far the first M1-powered Macs seem to have made a bigger impact than the first Windows 10 on ARM PCs, including Microsoft's Surface Pro X.

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