Microsoft's Kinect finds new life in a Crayola Factory

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From live performances to trying on clothes, and more recently the blending of holograms, Microsoft's Kinect technology has already seen many interesting use cases. A Reddit user, though, has just noticed that Kinect is also being used in the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania.

A look at the Xbox One Kinect at the Crayola Factory in action (Photo from u/MrMinky85 on Reddit)
A look at the xbox one kinect at the crayola factory in action (photo from u/mrminky85 on reddit)

In the photo uploaded by the Reddit user, three Kinect sensors can be seen along a video wall at an exhibit in the Crayola Factory. From the photo, it would appear that the sensors are used to track the movements of the child standing in front the wall. It could be assumed that after tracking the child movements, the sensor does it's magic to project his movements to match those of the crayon seen on the board.

A closer look at the Kinect Sensor seen at The Crayola Factory (Photo from u/MrMinky85 on Reddit)
A closer look at the kinect sensor seen at the crayola factory (photo from u/mrminky85 on reddit)

A second image (which the Reddit user calls "potato quality") gives us a more closer look at the sensor. In somewhat related news, reported a few weeks ago, the newest Xbox One S will continue the Kinect compatible tradition,  but will require a Kinect adapter, which will be available for free.

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