Rumor: Microsoft's Halo series could hit Showtime before Xbox

Microsoft's Halo series could hit Showtime before Xbox

Microsoft is investing a great deal of time and money into pushing original content to Xbox owners, and one show that has caused murmurs of excitement is a live-action version of Halo. There has already been a well-received promo aired online, but it now it seems as though the series could end up being broadcast on Showtime as well -- even before Xbox.

As Forbes points out, this does seem rather strange because the point of series such as the Spielberg-produced Halo was that they were meant to be an exclusive to the Xbox and stand out as fine examples of original content. But Variety is reporting that Xbox Entertainment Studios is in talks with Showtime with a view to broadcasting series episodes on Showtime first, and then Xbox.

Even if this turns out to be true, Xbox users will benefit from an enhanced interactive experience and should expect to be able to access additional content.

But at the same time, it is likely to be seen as a disappointment. It is fair for viewers to expect Xbox Entertainment Studios to produce shows primarily for Xbox rather than coming in second place behind more traditional broadcasting.

How do you feel? Is it  shame that Microsoft may be changing its mind about where the show airs, or does the fact that a big name such as Showtime is apparently involved in negotiation make you expect even great things from the series?

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