Microsoft is working with WhatsApp to release a fix for the notifications bug

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Not too long ago, WhatsApp was taken down from the Windows Phone store due to technical issues with the app. Some reports suggested problems for devices running the latest Windows Phone 8.1. Now, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore took it to Twitter and addressed the issue with WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

Belfiore said they are working with the folks at WhatsApp to fix a notification bug, which is haunting users running the app on Windows Phone 8 update 3. He said, "For those w Q's on Whatsapp: they pinged us about an issue that popped on notifications, we’re working with them on a fix. More info soon." 

At the moment, it seems the problem is just with Windows Phone 8 since the latest version -- WP8.1 -- comes with a different architecture. He further tweeted, "the notifications core in wp8.1 is different than wp8. The WhatsApp issue is in wp8 upd3. How's your wp8.1 notifications experience?"

Let's hope the issue will be resolved soon, and WhatsApp will once again hit the Windows Phone Store. We'll update you as soon as it happens.

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