Microsoft working on fix for Collections on Edge being stuck in sync

Kevin Okemwa

If you have been trying to use Collections on Microsoft Edge to organize your ideas while browsing, there is a possibility that you have encountered some challenges while at it. Through a post on Reddit, Microsoft has confirmed that they are experiencing technical errors with the Collections feature in Edge, preventing you from viewing your saved images and videos on other devices. Some users have also lodged complaints indicating that they are unable to enable or disable the feature in the profile settings.

But on the bright side, Microsoft has indicated that they are aware of the issue and that they are currently working on a way to resolve it. Once the next Android release is made, users should be able to make use of the Collection sync button without any issues. As for the Collections not syncing across all the logged in devices,  the issue should also be resolved by the time Microsoft Edge 104 is being rolled out.

We will be sure to keep an eye out for any updates or resolutions and keep you posted. Have you experienced any of the challenges highlighted above? Let us know in the comment section below.