Microsoft working on a fix for flickering Surface Book screens

A small number of customers recently have been experiencing some trouble with the Surface Book, reporting a serious issue with the device's display. In one of the stranger visual bugs that one can experience on a laptop, the Surface Book has been reported incessantly flickering on and off, making the device annoying at best, and borderline unusable at worst. According to reddit user /u/MrSparc, the problem is caused by Hyper-V: Something that many developers turn on after installing Visual Studio.
When speaking to The Register, a Redmond spokesperson confirmed that they're working on a fix for this issue, stating that "A small number of customers have flagged some issues with their Surface Book," and "we are working hard to resolve them quickly and easily with Windows Update."
If you're being plagued with the issue and don't want to wait for a fix, /u/MrSparc has come up with a workaround for you in the meantime. If you type CMD in your search bar and open up the Command Line interface, just type in "dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V" without the quotation marks. That should clear up the problem for you while you wait for an official fix through Windows Update.

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