Microsoft: Windows Phone is growing faster than anyone else right now

Nokia Lumia

Microsoft may have been focusing on its Windows 8.1 Preview during Build 2013, but that's not stopping Microsoft's senior Windows Phone product manager Larry Lieberman from talking about the Windows Phone 8 platform. According to Lieberman, Windows Phone is "growing faster than anyone else right now."

In a recent interview, Lieberman is proud to be in third place behind Apple and Google. "We think we're solidly the third ecosystem right now. That's a huge announcement in some respects," Lieberman adds.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform topped BlackBerry in terms of market share last month and the software giant is not too concerned about them. "I don't think they can bring to the table some of the things we have," Lieberman explains.

Microsoft is remaining focused on user feedback when it comes to improving the Windows Phone platform. Lieberman even added that the lack of a notification center in Windows Phone 8 was a top concern and that the software giant was aware of this concern.

Microsoft may be in third place right now in the mobile market space but the software giant is hoping to change that as the platform continues to grow.

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