Yes, Microsoft will be redesigning the Windows 11 volume sliders

Arif Bacchus

Ever since Windows 11 was released, one of the top requests from Windows Insiders has been redesigned volume sliders. The one currently in Windows 11 is left over from Windows 8, but Microsoft never really indicated it would be changing the design to match with the operating system’s new look. That’s up until now, as Microsoft’s own Brandon LeBlanc recently mentioned that Microsoft is working on the new sliders (via MSPoweruser.)

It’s not known what this new slider would end up looking like, but LeBlanc’s comment (captured by a Twitter user) is somewhat reassuring for Windows 11 fans. Previously, the only thing that suggested new sliders could be on the way were some resource leaks from Windows 11 in June of 2021. We can’t verify the authenticity of that code, but it does offer hope that the under the hood work has been done and one could be coming soon.

At any rate, since Windows 11 is shipping out of beta on October 5, it’s not looking as though this will be something that will be coming soon. If the new paint app and other experiences are examples, it could be coming to Windows Insider Dev Channel Insiders first, followed by everyone else at a later date.