Microsoft: WhatsApp for Windows Phone will return "quite soon"

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WhatsApp was recently pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to a bug which affected handsets with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 on-board. The app was pulled with no reason at first, and users began panicking considering WhatsApp nor Microsoft had commented on the removal of the app. Joe Belfiore then tweeted that the app had been pulled due to a bug, and that was all we knew.

Today, more information about the app has surfaced. Again, Belfiore has taken to Twitter to explain the current situation of WhatsApp for Windows Phone, claiming that it will be back in the store "quite soon". So for all those users complaining about WhatsApp not being available, you can relax now as WhatsApp have indeed been working around the clock with Microsoft on a fix.

Obviously, "quite soon" could mean a number of things. The question is 'How soon?', because users are openly upset at the fact WhatsApp has gone missing. It's a vital app for communication across all platforms, and Windows Phone is currently missing out. We'll update you accordingly regarding news about WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

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