Microsoft wants app developers to convert their iPad apps into Metro apps

The folks over at Microsoft have released a preliminary design case study that basically shows app developers how to convert their iPad apps into Windows 8 Metro styled apps. On top of that, Microsoft points out how much more developers can get paid as well as Metro being the superior platform.

“iOS is a popular platform for creating apps that are touch first, fun, and engaging. With the introduction of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, designers and developers have a new platform to unleash their creativity,” Microsoft stated in an official Dev Center post.

Microsoft wants designers and developers who are familiar with iOS to “reimagine” their apps using the Metro style design principle. Microsoft will show developers how to translate common user itnerface and expereince patterns. “We use common design and development scenarios to show how to leverage the Windows 8 platform and incorporate Metro style design principles,” Microsoft adds.

You can check out the post for details on how to convert your iPad app into a Metro app.

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