Microsoft Wallet now supported by 2 more banks -
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Microsoft Wallet now supported by 2 more banks

Microsoft Wallet, designed to be Microsoft's answer to Apple Pay and Android Pay in the mobile space, has evidently not gained as much support as initially expected when it launched over a year ago.

For many, it is not available - either by country or because the bank does not support it specifically. For some, it is because it just isn't supported on the Windows 10 Mobile device at hand - with it only being available on the Lumia 650, Lumia 950, and Lumia 950 XL.

Now, 2 more banks have added support for Microsoft Wallet, albeit silently and without any announcement. Both Ally Bank and First Light FCU now support Microsoft's mobile tap-to-pay solution, as discovered by Reddit user davidofmidnight:

Ally Bank supports Microsoft Wallet; First Light FCU, too from windowsphone

As noted, Microsoft does not list the banks on its support page, in addition to Chase still being marked as "coming soon", a bank which was expected to add support this year, but so far we've seen no progress.

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