Microsoft vision of the future has large expensive touch displays (video)

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Microsoft has released a new video showcasing the company's vision of the future of how technology can be used to make life easier and more enjoyable. We are introduced to Microsoft's new Envisioning Center, which features large expensive touch displays.

"The facility encompasses scenarios at home, at work and places in between, and is inspired by our product teams, Microsoft Research and by the trends across the industry. I like to think of it as a concept car that allows us to share what it might be like to experience future technologies with visitors, get their feedback, tweak, remix and discuss. It’s all part of advancing the trends we think have the greatest potential," Microsoft stated in an official blog post. This new Envisioning Center highlights what Microsoft imagines how the future of technology could be, and is in no way a reflection of upcoming product releases. Microsoft has put together a short video highlighting whats inside the Envisioning Center as well as key trends that Microsoft is focusing on. You can take a look at it below:

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