Microsoft “very surprised” to see Google eliminate support for Exchange ActiveSync in Gmail

Just recently, Google revealed that the company would be dropping support for Exchange ActiveSync in Gmail come January of 2013 and this came as a major blow to Windows Phone users who require Google Sync to be able to sync their Gmail accounts. Now, Microsoft offers its thoughts on Google’s move and what you can do about it.

“We were very surprised to see Gmail announce last week that they’ll soon end support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), unless of course you’re willing to pay Google for your email. It means that many people currently using Gmail for free are facing a situation where they might have to degrade their mobile email experience by downgrading to an older protocol that doesn’t sync your calendar or contacts, doesn’t give you direct push of new email messages and doesn’t have all the benefits of Exchange ActiveSync,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft was surprised to see this move on Google’s part, however, the software giant is offering a means to migrate to, the company’s new email service. Hit the source link to learn how to make the switch over to or check out a post we recently put up which outlines the steps needed to make the move (thanks to WPCentral).

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