Microsoft updates Skype app for Windows 8, now has file sharing abilities

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Microsoft has updated the Skype app for Windows 8, with added support for file sharing. Skype users on Windows 8 can now send and receive photos or documents while calling or messaging friends or family.

"With version 1.5, we have added file sharing, so you can send and receive photos or documents while instant messaging or calling your friends and family. We’re listening to our users, and file sharing has been one of the biggest features they've been asking for in Skype for Windows 8," Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft has also improved performance and stability of the Skype app, making the app load up faster and load content faster than before. "We are committed and excited to improve and add to Skype for Windows 8, meeting new user needs and improving the overall experience and feature set. Look for more in our next release," Microsoft adds. If you have this app installed, hit the Windows Store to update it, or download it from the link below.

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