Microsoft updates OneNote app for Android, lets you create notebooks and manage sections

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Microsoft updates onenote app for android, lets you create notebooks and manage sections

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the OneNote app for Android, adding the ability to create notebooks and manage sections within your notebooks. Microsoft has also improved the app experience by enhancing the clipboard pasting functionality and better content rendering.

"We’ve been listening to your feedback for OneNote on Android and your need to manage your sections and notebooks. Today’s update to the OneNote app lets you to do just that. Now you can create notebooks on OneDrive and also create and delete sections for your OneDrive notebooks," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

You can now create a new notebook by simply tapping the menu button on the top right corner in the Notebooks list. You can then type your new notebook name and store, organize, or manage your important notes. On the Section list, simply tap the menu button and then tap Create Section to create your new section within your Notebook. You can even delete a section if you want.

You can grab the updated app via the download link below.

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