Microsoft updates its Global Human Rights Statement

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Tomorrow is Human Rights Day, the annual reminder of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adoption nearly 68 years ago by the UN. In commemoration of the anniversary, Microsoft has announced an update to the Microsoft Global Human Rights Statement available online.

Microsoft has always promoted its commitment to the corporate social action and promotion of equal human rights. So it’s no surprise that the statement update will continue to set goals of taking initiative towards providing technology that will not only advance our society but play a positive role on a global spectrum.

Key notes of the Microsoft Global Human Rights Statement update include:

  • Making explicit Microsoft’s recognition that technology is increasingly an essential gateway to the enjoyment of human rights everywhere;
  • Expanding our human rights commitments to encompass the special consideration we give to vulnerable groups such as children, women and persons with disabilities; and
  • Emphasizing the importance we ascribe to championing the rule of law informed by consideration of international norms.

This announcement is following quickly on the heels of Microsoft Netherlands’ signature on the Diversity Charter.

Furthermore, Steve Crown announced that the company is joining the Human Rights and Business Initiative with the Center for Responsible Business at UC Berkeley and help from Humanity United, a non-profit. It is described as aiming to “integrate key human rights issues such as privacy, inclusion, freedom of expression, education and employment directly into business education.”

The partnership hopes to accelerate management education on issues of human rights starting from the ground up. UC Berkeley Haas School of Business students will be able to get directly involved in the process during a conference between Microsoft and Berkeley-Haas planned for February 2017 as well as the upcoming hackathon further into the year.

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