3D printing gets even easier in Windows 8 – Microsoft updates their 3D Builder app

Joseph Finney

Microsoft updates the 3D Builder app for Windows

Today Microsoft has detailed the changes available in the new version of the 3D Builder app. The app was built for Windows 8, but only supported x86/64 processors until this update; it takes advantage of Window 8’s native 3D printing capability, so that users can import 3D models and send them straight to their desktop 3D printer or buy 3D prints directly from the app via Cubify.

Microsoft has also improved navigation; it is now easier to move around, select, and move the models you are working wit. In addition, these new controls are easy to manipulate with touch. After selecting an element, it is easy to scale and transform into the desired look. By combining different objects with boolean operators such as merge, subtract, and intersect, it is easy to make almost anything.

A new library of models has also been added — browse through the trophy parts and pick what you want to make a custom trophy. There are also toys, phone stands, letters & numbers, miniatures, household, and train set models to choose from. From all of these models and the new tools, there is a wide range of fun and easy options to make 3D printed objects from your tablet or laptop PC. After you have perfected your model, you can save it out as an STL file and work with it from there. STL files can be imported into other programs or be sent out to companies to have the part professionally made.