Microsoft touts Edge as the best web browser for gamers

Robert Collins

Microsoft Edge browsing verification code issues

Today’s Windows Experience blog post focused on the new gaming features coming to Microsoft Edge as announced at the Xbox What’s New in Gaming event back on June 9th, and touted it as “the best browser for gamers.” The post goes on to state that Microsoft is “building a platform for the next 20 years that offers the games players want on any device they want to play” across Xbox consoles, Windows PC, and mobile. We previously reported on the new gaming features being integrated into the Edge browser, but today they’re rolling out for all Edge users. Let’s take another look at them here:

The new gaming features in Microsoft Edge

New gaming homepage

The new home page in Microsoft Edge allows users to get right into a game upon launching the browser. The home page is of course personalized and designed to cater to the users specific interests. Users signed in to their Xbox account will also be able to see thier recently played games as well as other personalized content.

Graphical Enhancements with Clarity Boost

Clarity Boost is a feature exclusive to Microsoft Edge browser. This upscaling enhancement makes games streaming with Xbox Cloud Gaming look sharper while playing inside the Edge browser in Windows 10 and 11.

Clarity Boost in Edge

Better Performance for Windows PC gaming

By going to browser settings and, under the System and Performance tab, enabling Efficiency Mode, gamers will be able to get the most out of their games by maximizing their machine’s performance with this setting.

Access free casual games with a single click

With a dedicated games menu, Microsoft Edge allows gamers to dive into their favorite casual game with but a single click. Its especially great when you have just a little bit of time to kill, especially with games like Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Mahjong, and the Microsoft Edge Surf Game, which is exclusive to the Edge browser.

These exciting new features are the latest in Microsoft’s push to make Edge the best browser for gamers. No doubt more improvements are to follow.