Microsoft to air 6 second ads during AMC's The Walking Dead -
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Microsoft to air 6 second ads during AMC's The Walking Dead

Microsoft recently kicked off the marketing campaign for the Xbox One X with a "Feel True Power" TV commercial this past Sunday but turns out there is still more room for advertising. The company is planning to run new 6-second ads during the October 29th and November 6th episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead (via Adage.)

The 6-second spots reportedly are similar to the costs of a 15 second ad. A 30-second ad on the program is normally around $500,000. Microsoft already sponsored a live stream of "The Walking Dead" red carpet premiere event, so this is just the latest place where the company is putting its money.

As The Walking Dead season continues to roll on, fans can also expect to see more Microsoft presence and sponsorship in the preview trailers which play at the conclusion of episodes. Great to see that Microsoft is publicising its products, as the new style short burst ads likely will give the company an upper hand in the minds of consumers this holiday season.

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