Microsoft Teams gets new features in latest Android app update

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft, Android

The Microsoft Teams app is getting an update for users on Android. As noted in the updates list, the app now allows team leaders to schedule channel meetings from within the app. The Redmond-based tech giant plans on making Teams the default app for scheduling meetings in Office 365, so adding it to the Android app will allow this to be done even while away from the computer.

In addition, the company is also making it so that users can join a team by using a team code, and will also expanding search to access files from all channels available to the member. And of course, the update also brings bug fixes and other improvements, which haven’t been specified in the listing.

A few screenshots of Microsoft Teams on Android

Microsoft’s Teams can be downloaded for free for those interested, although at current only works for Office 365 for Business users. Although word has it the company is also working on a new consumer-centric version of its Office 365 plan, so it might be a possibility the service could come those users.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
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