Microsoft Teams for Mac is almost here, 3 features missing

Devesh Beri

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of Microsoft Teams specifically for macOS. A public preview is expected to be released later this month. You can find the official Microsoft link to the overview and requirements here. The new Teams has been rebuilt to offer an improved performance, with a faster, simpler, and more flexible experience. It loads faster, making it quicker to join meetings.

Microsoft Teams released several enhancements in August, like the AutoConnect feature for Walkie Talkie.

macOS Big Sur (11) or higher is required, including macOS Monterey (12) and macOS Ventura (13). Teams app version or higher is needed, and admin privileges are required for installation.

Mac’s current Microsoft Teams client is built on the Electron framework, which can be resource-intensive and lead to poor performance, especially on older or low-end hardware. Microsoft has decided to replace Electron with WebView2 technology for this new version.

Users must enable notifications in macOS system settings for Teams to receive notifications. Screen sharing can be enabled by following in-app flow or granting screen recording permissions in macOS settings.

Missing features on Microsoft Teams for Mac

The new Microsoft Teams for Mac will support all the features of the Windows client except for Green Screen, Cameo, and NDI. Users can easily switch back to the classic app using the same toggle button.

via Petri