Microsoft Teams for Android can now translate private chat messages

Rabia Noureen

Last year, the Microsoft Teams iOS app introduced a new inline translation that allows users to translate chat messages into their preferred language. The company has now announced that the inline chat translation support is now generally available on Android devices (via MSPU).

The new AI-powered feature enables team members who speak different languages to communicate with each other by translating private chat conversations, and it provides a one-click experience in the Teams mobile client. This capability is enabled by default, and it currently supports more than 70 languages. You can find the full list of supported languages on this page.


To use this feature, users will need to set their preferred translation language heading to Settings >> Translation and then choosing the desired language from the list. Once selected, press and hold the chat message and then tap the “Translate” option as shown above. Users will also be able to return the translated message to the original language by choosing the “See original (language)” option (if needed).

The ability to translate chat messages is a welcome addition for remote teams, and it should help to facilitate global collaboration. The software gaint is also planning to bring the message translation capabilities to channels, and this update is coming to the Android and iOS version of Teams later this month.