Microsoft Teams app gets new call and messaging functionality on Android and iOS

The iOS and Android Microsoft Teams apps both updated this past week. The Android app update added the ability to receive calls from all of a user’s accounts regardless of which one is open while the iOS update added a variety of improvements for meetings.

Here’s the release notes for the Android update which brings the app up to Version 1416/

  • Receive calls from any Teams account you're signed in to, regardless of which account you're active in

And here’s the release notes for Microsoft Team’s iOS update which upgrades the app to Version 2.3.0:

  • Control meeting options directly from the meeting details tab
  • Better search results for meetings. Search phrases like “next meeting”, “strategy meeting”, etc.
  • Mobile meeting attendees can join Breakout rooms
  • Teams defaults to your device’s theme setting

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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Price: Free
‎Microsoft Teams
‎Microsoft Teams
Price: Free

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