Microsoft Surface 3 on sale again, this time $100 off 128GB versions

Mark Coppock

It seems a week can’t go by without a sale on Microsoft Surface 3. Last week, the Microsoft Store had the company’s entry-level 2-in-1 device on sale for a full $150 off. This week, the price drop is a bit less, with the Surface 3 coming in at $100 off of the 128GB versions.

Interestingly, the current $499 price for the 128GB/4GB/Wi-Fi version is precisely the same as the 64GB version. The same with the LTE version, which is now a reasonable $599 on discount.

Surface 3 $100 Off
Surface 3 $100 Off

We’ll note that the Surface 3 is a very capable device, running full Windows 10 and all of the Win32 apps that go along with it (including the one year of included Office 365 Personal). The Intel Cherry Tree Atom processor and 4GB of RAM mean you can get some real work done, and the 128GB of storage should be plenty as long as you use cloud storage as a backup for things like photos, video, and music. And the Surface Pro has that nifty 3:2 display aspect ratio that makes it so much nicer to use as a tablet.

This deal won’t last forever, and so, if you’re looking for a good tablet, then head on over to the Microsoft Store and pick up on of those discounted Surface 3 devices. Your pocketbook will thank you.