Microsoft Studios seeks Senior Producer to create first party video content for Microsoft HoloLens

Sean Michael

Microsoft Studios seeks Senior Producer to create first party video content for Microsoft HoloLens

360 video, virtual reality, 3-D augmented reality, these are all ways that the video industry is changing. As devices advance and new formats are made, there needs to be video content to utilize the new software and hardware. Microsoft’s HoloLens has a different format for partaking media than anything else on the market and Microsoft is looking for a Senior Video Producer to create first party video content. The job description on Microsoft Careers lists the main roles the job entails as well as required qualifications for applicants.

The position focuses heavily on interactive content, which is a key differentiator between the HoloLens and many other platforms. The post states “Our team is developing ground-breaking interactive video content that is changing the way people experience storytelling and entertainment.” The aim of video content on the HoloLens goes beyond watching videos and Microsoft is looking for someone to help them innovate and utilize their unique platform.

The entire list of responsibilities includes many video production tasks such as casting and planning content but there is one very noteworthy highlight “Partner with team members on pre- and postproduction tasks such as brainstorming concepts, developing scripts, creating 3D assets, and audio design/composition. (emphasis added).” For the HoloLens to be more than a headset that shows standard videos, there needs to be 3-D application that takes advantage of the world that the headset augments.

Applicants need to have at least seven years of experience in video experience in which they had “ownership from concept to final cut.”

It’s also significant that Microsoft is looking for their own first party content creators. While there will be plenty of content made by third parties, Microsoft needs to show what HoloLens can do with premier first party content.