Microsoft Stores offering free NFL inspired Skins for Surface Pro 4

NFL Surface
Email Twitter: @MiCottuli Jan 18th, 2016 inNews

Microsoft’s partnership with the NFL continues to be fruitful, as a new tweet confirms that the Surface Pro 4 will have a selection of skins with which fans can represent their favorite teams. For prospective Surface Pro 4 buyers who are inclined to walk into a Microsoft Store and pick up their new tablet in person, the NFL skins will come gratis.

For football fans who want to show off their team pride, the skins look excellent. Each of them has a¬†relatively unique designs, and prominently display their team’s logo with the appropriate color scheme. Being made specifically to fit the Surface Pro 4, they all make excellent use of the real estate on the back of the device and look good even when the stand is deployed.

Unfortunately, it seems as if these skins are only available to people who go to a Microsoft store and pick up their Surface Pro 4 in person. It wouldn’t be surprising if these skins eventually were available to pick up on their own, but currently, the Microsoft store has no such listing available.

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