Microsoft Store offering $100 discount on the Surface Book

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Just two weeks after introducing its “Spring Sale” that offered interesting deals on the Surface Pro 4 and select Windows 10 PCs, the US Microsoft Store is currently offering a $100 discount on three select Surface Book models. Even better, you can choose a bundle to get $30 off a Surface Dock with purchase.

The $100 discount only applies to three select models.
The $100 discount only applies to three select models.

Branded by Microsoft as “the ultimate laptop”, the Surface Book was announced in October 2015 along its Surface Pro 4 hybrid tablet. The Surface Book comes with a 13.5-inch PixelSense screen with a “dynamic fulcrum hinge” that provides a smooth, solid feel to the machine, but this high-end technology is definitely not cheap. The cheapest Surface Book model will cost you $1.399 right now, but be aware that the 128 GB SSD is not that future-proof. We would rather recommend enthusiasts one of the higher-end models, and the $1.799 model comes with a discrete Nvidia GPU that will help you run professional-grade software and video games.

When we reviewed the Surface Book back in November, we noted that it was definitely the ultimate Surface device, but it still had a few flaws, including an annoying sleep problem that Microsoft struggled to fix with several firmware updates. But if you’re in the market for a new laptop or tablet that runs Windows 10, we still think the Surface Book is an ideal choice as you will get a powerful hybrid device that now comes in a slightly less expensive package. Please tell us in the comments if you’re going to jump on those deals.

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