Microsoft Store Ads expand to Bing search results, available worldwide soon

Pranav Bhardwaj

Microsoft Inspire 2023

In an effort to help developers boost their businesses and reach the right audience, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Store Ads will now appear in Bing search results. This feature, unveiled at the Build 2022 conference, aims to assist developers in getting their apps or games in front of potential customers. Furthermore, Microsoft plans to make this advertising service available to advertisers worldwide and expand its reach to 150 new regions.

During the recent Build conference, Microsoft revealed its plans to expand the Microsoft Store Ads beyond the United States in June, opening up opportunities for advertisers on a global scale. Advertisers will also have access to Premium Search Ads, offering them additional options to effectively target customers through the Microsoft Store and search results.

In addition to these expansions, Microsoft intends to introduce new features that simplify the advertising process for advertisers. One such feature is Premium Search Ads, which offers visually appealing and prominent ad placements to help advertisers reach a larger customer base and increase downloads. Through the Microsoft Advertising Software Development Kit (SDK), advertisers can retarget audiences on the Microsoft Network.

The new user interface and design enhancements aim to streamline the process for advertisers, allowing them to link apps with just one click. This update will facilitate the lookup of app information, while digital marketers will gain the ability to track and analyze app installations, in-app purchases, and customer engagement.

Miracle Games, an early adopter of these features, sought to expand its user base for desktop apps and games. By leveraging Microsoft Store Ads, Miracle Games successfully reached users searching for related apps and games on the Microsoft Store, resulting in increased awareness, preference, and downloads. After three months of testing and optimizing the ads, Miracle Games reported a remarkable 25% increase in installs compared to their previous use of Microsoft Advertising. Additionally, their conversion rate improved sixfold.

The potential reach of Microsoft Store Ads is substantial, considering that Bing generates 14.5 billion monthly searches worldwide, according to Comscore’s March 2023 data. This means that Microsoft Store Ads will extend beyond the confines of the Microsoft Store on Windows. Advertisers can expect their ads to trigger on Bing search engine results pages, similar to regular product ads.

To enable these ads, advertisers need to create a Microsoft Store Ad campaign in Microsoft Advertising and ensure that the Ad Distribution Controls are set to “all.” With these developments, Microsoft aims to provide advertisers with an effective platform to connect with their target audience and achieve their business goals.

Via: MediaPost