Microsoft showcases star Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn and what drives him to develop

Microsoft showcases star Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn and what drives him

Microsoft has never had a great app premiere in their modern platforms like Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Popular trendy apps have appeared first on iOS and Android if they every show up on Windows Phone. Instagram is a perfect example of a widely popular app which Microsoft struggled to get on Windows Phone, and when the app finally arrived it was and still is in a hobbled beta form.

Luckily for Windows Phone users there exist amazing app developers like Rudy Huyn (pronounced "Win"). Rudy is the developer behind amazing apps like 6Tag, Fuse, 6Tin, and the infamous 6Snap, and Microsoft has done a quick profile on Rudy showing how he works and what brought him to Windows.

Showcasing developers who do a great job making popular apps needs to happen for Microsoft to grow their base. Microsoft already has great tools like Visual Studio and a great backend on Azure, but developers don't see Windows or Windows Phone as a place where their apps would be a return on their investment. Microsoft showcasing great developers is a good way to encourage the people driving the platform forward in the face of shrinking market share. 

A feature of Rudy Huyn is a great start and hopefully this is the first of many great devs who are acknowledged by Microsoft. 

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