Microsoft runs 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges, 88% thought Windows Phone was better

Several weeks ago, Microsoft begun its “Meet Your Match” Windows Phone challenge, which was an evolved version of the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge. Microsoft is now offering some stats on how well the Meet Your Match challenge has fared and it is quite impressive.

“A few weeks back we kicked off ‘Meet Your Match’, which is an informal head-to-head customer challenge of many popular smartphone features. It’s a new take on ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ and it shows people why a Windows Phone is more fun, more useful, and more personal that the phone they’re currently using. So how’s it going so far? In a word…AWESOME!,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft has run more than 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges in various countries such as the United States, UK, France, and Germany. 88% of people who took the post-challenge survey mentioned that they found the Windows Phone to be a better match for them compared to what they already had. The Meet Your Match videos have also been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube. Microsoft isnt done yet and will continue traveling to different areas to promote it’s Windows Phone platform via these challenges.

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