Microsoft rolls out updates to the Video, Maps, and Finance apps for Windows 8

Xbox Video

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Video, Maps, and Finance apps for Windows 8. While the change logs haven't quite been updated yet, we are assuming Microsoft has rolled out bug fixes and performance improvements to all three apps.

The Video, Maps, and Finance apps all received an update on the 1st of July, yet the change log has yet to be updated in the Windows Store. Currently we are seeing the old change log from the previous update. However, it is safe to assume that Microsoft has release bug fixes and performance enhancements to all three apps. Typically, Microsoft will write up a blog post showcasing any new features given to these apps but so far we haven't seen anything.

Head over to the Windows Store to download these updates. Let us know in the comments below if you noticed any new features or changes with either of the three apps.

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